The astonishingly powerful free tool to make you write like a pro – without needing a degree in English!

by | Jan 8, 2020 | Quick Reads, Useful Software

Yes, I think it’s that amazing. 

I’ve now been using Grammarly Pro for over a month, and I’ve just had my first report. I couldn’t believe it! 

In the last four weeks, I was more productive than 97% of Grammarly users and used 98% more unique words. Since the beginning of December, I’ve written over 56k words. Wow, I do write a lot! 

But the remarkable thing about this is that my writing has far fewer mistakes and my productivity has noticeably increased. (This is where the grammar police start pointing out all my errors).

Not only that, but I can adjust my target audience, tonality, formality and intent using some very endearing emojis, and Grammarly will offer me suggestions to improve my text.

So who’s it for?

For those of you that blog, write social posts, write ads or any other customer-facing copy it’s fantastic. The pro version even includes keyboard plugins for IOS and Android.

And what do you pay for all this greatness? Nothing! Honestly, please give it a go. I guarantee it’ll improve your writing. 

Before you ask; I’m not affiliated with Grammarly in any way, nor am I making any money from promoting their software.


Fun question:

What’s the highest word count for a piece of text that you’ve written? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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